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The Definitive Ranking Of Summer Sounds

Pop in those earbuds and get ready to listen to some sweet summer melodies. Have yourself a #realbigsummer this sunny season, only with Pepsi .

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10. The ferry's horn honking as it pulls in to dock.

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Why: This sound deserves the worst spot on the list because it's jarring and loud. HOWEVER, there is something kinda pleasant about hearing it when you're riding it and about to arrive at your dream destination!

9. The ice cream truck circling around your neighborhood for three hours.


Why: Now you might be asking yourself, "Self, why is this so low on the list?" Sure, the jingle coming from an ice cream truck can be totally magical, but when our number nine sound is stuck on repeat for hours on end, you'll be OK with taking an ice cream break for a while.

8. 4th of July fireworks off in the distance.


Why: They scare babies and dogs, because these sky sparkles can be a little loud. Fireworks are beautiful to look at, and the 4th of July is great, but we sadly have to rank them number eight.

7. Park swings creaking.

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Why: Again, this is a semi-good sound, which is why it's coming in at number seven. On one hand, the itty-bitty squeaks can get irritating, but on the other, you're on a swing, having the time of your life, remembering simpler times on a warm and fuzzy day.

6. Splashing in a pool.


Why: If you're splashing around in a pool, it means you're cellll-e-brating good times — c'mon! Our number six spot immediately transports you back to the days of no rules (except for no diving in the shallow end or running on the deck) and perfecting the ultimate cannonball.

5. A cricket playing music in the night.


Why: Ah! The great outdoors, the smell of nature, the sounds of chirping outside your window. A cricket's sonata lulls you to sleep and provides a beautiful soundtrack to help you unwind after a hot summer day — and that's why it's number five.

4. Screams from a roller coaster as it whizzes by.


Why: Throw your hands up in the air! We've got three little letters for you, and they spell F-U-N. Need we say more about number four?

3. Crashing waves on a private beach.


Why: This is the height of luxury, and so the number three spot on the list is up for serious debate. Picture it — rays on your bod, a breeze filled with saltwater sprinkles cooling you down, and not another soul around for miles. Let us go to there.

2. A rocking chair on the front porch.


Why: This sound might not be that exciting, but there's a real good reason why crackling floorboards beneath a porch rocker is number two. It symbolizes those sticky nights where everything feels perfect and you're relaxed to the max.

1. An air conditioner's hum.


Why: Oh, baby! Dat hum is more than white noise that helps drown out your snoring roommate. That's the sound of sweat relief from an oppressively hot day. Congratulations, air. You're number one! You're number one!