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The 15 Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Moments

That one time Bruno and his buddies brought the #halftime house down.

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1. Bruno Mars kicked things off with a killer drum solo.

Tom Pennington / Via

2. Who knew Bruno even played the drums?!

Theo Wargo / FilmMagic / Getty Images
Kevin C. Cox /

3. Bruno's buddies joined him on stage for some serious dancing.


4. Like... Real. Serious. Dancing!

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

5. Locked out of heaven? Not these guys. Nope. No way.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

6. And did every laser tag joint in the tri-state area donate to MetLife Stadium? We were totally OK with it.

Jeff Zelevansky / Via

7. Then, all of a sudden: Enter the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Elsa / Getty Images

8. Bruno was more than a little excited.

Kevin C. Cox / Via

9. OK... more than a lot excited.

Rob Carr / Via

10. Flea-face anyone?

Rob Carr / Via

11. Give it away now. Give it all away, because this collaboration was awesome.

Elsa / Getty Images

12. Fireworks on fireworks on fireworks on fireworks.

Ronald Martinez / Via

13. Bruno, please stay just the way you are. Love, everyone ever.

Win McNamee / Via

14. Goodnight.

Kevin C. Cox / Via

15. <3

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