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The 10 Most Iconic Pepsi Commercials Of All Time

In honor of the "Pepsi. Vs. Coke" remake, here are 10 of Pepsi's most memorable commercials, including Cindy, Sane Britney, and Jesse Eisenberg's little sister talking like Marlon Brando. (Was Brando more or less memorable than when she sang like Aretha Franklin? Discuss.)

  • 1. The Diner Commercial Remake

  • 2. Pepsi Vs. Coke Diner Commerical

  • 3. Pepsi's New Look featuring Cindy Crawford

  • 4. The Godfather Girl featuring Jesse Eisenberg's Little Sister

  • 5. Pepsi Generation featuring Michael Jackson

  • 6. The Joy of Pepsi featuring Britney Spears and Bob Dole

  • 7. Simply Irresistable featuring Robert Palmer

  • 8. The Stunt Double featuring Jackie Chan

  • 9. The Pepsi Tango featuring Shakira

  • 10. The Power of Suggestion featuring Michael J. Fox