18 Signs You’re The Wild Child Of The Group

You’re a free spirit, a child of a different era. And wild is the only way to be, like the taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

1. You wear whatever suits your fancy that day.


3. You don’t own a watch, and your concept of time is fluid.


4. Besides, your wrist is better suited for inspirational tattoos.


5. You wish you could fly, so you do the next best thing.


6. You’re always the first to jump — and it’s usually your idea!


7. You’ll take nature over TV any day.


8. You’ve got a thing for campfires on the beach…


9. …and taking road trips without any destination.


10. You bring a guitar with you wherever you go.


11. Listening to vinyl records is the only way to experience an album.


13. …and a chance for you to show off your special skills.


14. You take real photos because they mean more to you.


15. You dream of traveling the globe with just a backpack and a journal.


16. Though the best adventures are the ones you have with your friends.


17. Because you value the people in your life above all else.


18. And you know that love is the most important thing.


Unleash your inner wild child and enjoy a can of Wild Cherry Pepsi today!

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