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14 Ways You've Survived Summer Without Air Conditioning

Things don’t seem so bad when you’re cooled down. Stay refreshed during your #realbigsummer with an ice-cold Pepsi!

1. You found sweet relief at a movie you didn’t even care about.

2. You "tested" all the mattresses, even the weird ones, with absolutely no intention of buying.

3. You willingly suffered through several awkward first dates.

4. You signed up to be in your community theatre production of King Lear because you wanted to live in the limelight. JK! You wanted to feel that cool air pumping through the vents.

5. You drank enough lattes for a lifetime in a single afternoon at your local coffee shop.

6. You fell asleep on a pile of ice-cold books in the library.

7. You went to visit your overbearing Aunt Sally, on more than one occasion.

8. You booked multiple dentist appointments in one week, even though you honestly loathe your dentist.

9. You sat in a museum, pretending to enjoy a painting, when ha ha ha you were really just enjoying the breezy AC on your shoulders.

10. You. Joined. A. Bowling. League.

11. You moved into your office.

12. You gave up your weekend outdoors to baby/pet/housesit.

13. You rode the train a few extra stops for a little extra comfort.

14. And finally, you volunteered at the hospital on Tuesdays because you knew they had central air.