18 Signs You Grew Up In A Beach Town

There’s no place like home! Make sure every summer is a #realbigsummer, only with Pepsi.

1. You’ve spent 3/4 of your life barefoot.

2. In fact, the first time you saw a sign like this, you were seriously confused:

Daniel X. O’Neil (CC BY http://2.0) / Via flic.kr

3. Most of your wardrobe looks like this:

4. You spent most of your childhood fantasizing about becoming head lifeguard…

Rob Gage / Via gettyimages.com

…and the rest was spent fantasizing ABOUT the head lifeguard.

Martin Barraud / Via gettyimages.com

5. Even though you hate the cold, you welcomed winter, because you were finally free of tourists.

6. But you couldn’t wait for your visiting crush to come back every summer. Hubba hubba!

Like Crazy / Paramount Vantage / ruoloc.tumblr.com / Via yerneat.tumblr.com

7. You had “Don’t hassle me, I’m a local” bumper stickers plastered on everything you owned.

8. You can make three meals out of what’s available at the local cafe or concession stand.

Richard Cummins / gettyimages.com

David Wall Photo / gettyimages.com


9. You never had to ask your parents for a ride because you rode your bike everywhere.

10. You knew about all the alternate places to hang out when the summer crowds swarmed…

Coto Elizondo / Via gettyimages.com

11. …and you never had to wait in any lines, because you had friends working at all the hotspots. VIP Y’ALL!

Matthew Micah Wright / Via gettyimages.com

12. You’ve woken up with the smell of bonfire hair more times than you can count.

13. Forget the bracelets, you and your best friend have had matching suits for years.

Judith Haeusler / gettyimages.com

Jupiterimages / gettyimages.com


14. Your house was filled with decorations like this:

And you welcome your guests like this:

15. You have fully accepted that there will always be some amount of sand in your bedsheets.

Richard Fuchs / CC BY http://2.0 / Via youtube.com

16. You had to be careful with your secrets, because gossip spread like wildfire in town.

Tetra Images - Jamie Grill / Via gettyimages.com

17. No matter how badly you want to get out, you know your tiny, beachy town could never leave your heart.

18. And no problem couldn’t be solved staring out at this:

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