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14 Signs It’s Time To Reveal Your Summer Self

So you've been holding in your summer self for an entire year. Great news: It's time to let it loose and enjoy some #realbigsummer moments with Pepsi. Ready, set, SUMMER!

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1. OK, you've been wearing flip-flops since January...

Colin Hawkins / Cultura / Getty Images

...even though you've also been wearing a down jacket.

2. You won't stop talking about your summer self in third person.


"Summer [Name] is ready to play!" -said Summer [Name]

3. You'll only walk to work because it's outside or nothin'.

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"So, yeah, I'm late to work. BUT IT'S SUMMER."

4. You went ahead and traded in your bed for a hammock.


Sawry 'bout it.

5. You're willing to temporarily say goodbye to ice cream for sorbet?! Yep, sorbet!

I scream! You scream! We all scream for... SORBET!
luminaimages / Shutterstock

I scream! You scream! We all scream for... SORBET!

6. June through September 1 is completely booked.


"Well, you should have let me know about your August birthday party in April!"

7. All of your T-shirts say "Turn Down for What?"

Dress down and turnt up.

8. You have a different Zinka color to match every outfit.

9. You keep trying to hire a landscaper to plant a palm tree in your backyard.


15-foot high Royal Palm Tree: ~$1,000

Having a Royal Palm Tree in your backyard: Priceless

10. Should you be sans pool, it ain't no thang, because you've already invited yourself over to all of your friends' homes with pools.

11. You take coconut water baths... exclusively.


If you can't go to the islands, then you do the only thing you can do: bring the islands to yourself.

12. You covered the entire floor of your apartment in sand.


"But I don't even remember doing that!" -said Summer [Name]

13. So you ordered 20 of these frames:

"Get it, guys? Get it?!"

"Get it, guys? Get it?!"

14. You don't care that it's not 1999, you'll wear those puka shell necklaces like it's your business.

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And let's be honest, they made every school photo look incredible.

So what are you waiting for?! Go and get those #realbigsummer moments started!