How To Explain This Year’s GRAMMYs To Your Granny

Start with talking about MP3s and move on from there.

1. “Lorde of what?”

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“Grandma. No. That’s her name. New Zealand teenager, not royalty.”

2. “The robots are attacking!”

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“No, Grandma. That’s Daft Punk. They wear those masks/helmets. It builds mystique.”

3. “I don’t recognize any of these bands!”

“Bull, Grandma. The Beatles are winning a lifetime achievement award. Pull it together.”

4. “Is that a typo?”

Noam Galai / Getty Images for Arms Around the Child

“No, Grandma. The band is called ‘fun.!’ Lowercase ‘f,’ period at the end.”

5. “Is THAT a typo?”

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

“Still nope. P!nk. With an exclamation point.”

6. “I like rock. Classic rock.”

“Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and Neil Young are all nominated for Best Rock Album. How about dem apples?”

7. “Do I know him from the internet?”

Theo Wargo / Getty Images for Clear Channel

“Heck yes! That’s Macklemore — the video for his song ‘Thrift Shop’ was huge online.”

8. “Why would someone set an arcade on fire?”

“Grandma! It’s not a real — wait, are you trolling?”

9. “When do they give the award for best talk radio?”

“Stop trolling, Grandma! Seriously.”

10. “Has Magna Carta Holy Grail sold 1,104,000 copies or 1,103,000?”

“Well played. Well played indeed.


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