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10 High-Stakes Rules For Classic Games

Time to change the name of the game. No, literally — the games you used to play don't have to be tossed into the past just because you're one year older! Keep your #realbigsummer going strong with Pepsi.

1. Go big with some life-size Jenga.

2. Speaking of going big, make some large moves with life-size chess.

3. Play Double Dutch with multiple people to see who's really coordinated.

4. Cover your Twister board in wet paint.

5. Try a round of musical chairs to the sound of a live band.

6. Invest more in a game of Monopoly by using real money.

7. Challenge yourself to a tug-of-war with your house pet.

8. Fill water balloons with paint to have a colorful water balloon fight.

9. Make Ultimate Frisbee even more ultimate by turning it into Frisbee golf.

10. And play a game of hide-and-seek that lasts... always.