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11 Flavors That Will Blow Your Mind

You thought you'd tasted it all. These foods are bursting with unique flavors, but nothing beats the explosive taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

1. Za'atar (a Middle Eastern spice blend)

Tip: Dip pita bread in olive oil then za'atar and be transported to spice heaven. (Oh, by the way, there's a spice heaven.)

2. Rose liqueur

A flavor so delicate and delectable, you'll be floating on air!

3. Sea urchin

One of the most scrumptious seafood delicacies in the world — you'll overlook its outward appearance after just one bite.

4. Spanish lime

Neither Spanish nor a lime (it tastes more like a lychee), the Spanish lime is pretty much the biggest impostor of the food world.

5. Banana ketchup (a popular condiment in the Philippines)

If you're not keeping your taste buds guessing, you're doing something wrong.

6. Black ivory coffee

One of the most delicious (and expensive) coffees in the world comes from elephant feces, so don't get too snooty about it, ok?

7. Durian (an exotic fruit with a smooth almond taste and a uniquely pungent odor)

It was once compared to eating raspberry cake in the bathroom, so... pretty much the most confusing taste ever.

8. Yangmei (also called the "Yumberry")

It's sweet and tart and it's called the yumberry. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?!

9. Black truffles

They're the reason your meal is so delicious... and pricey.

10. Jabuticaba (from the Brazilian grape tree)

It's as delicious as it sounds, folks — whether you're sucking out its sweet flesh or using it to make exotic juices and jellies.

11. Pitaya (the fruit of a cactus, otherwise known as Dragonfruit)

It's so pretty! ...OK, but eat it already.

These flavors will take your taste buds for a ride, like the refreshing new taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

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