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A Thank-You Letter To Summer

Summer might not last forever, but the memories made during it certainly do! Thank you, summer, for the best of times! Pepsi wants to help you remember your #realbigsummer.

Dear summer,

So you know I wait all year for you, right?

Not to say that you keep me waiting — I just want to be clear that I, like, reallllyyy appreciate you.

Because, let's be honest: Everyone knows you're pretty much the best season around.

I don't care what the #haterz say about you being too hot sometimes.

I mean, what other time of year can I swim in the ocean, day or night...

...and just, like, chill in the sun.

And I think we all can attest to the fact that "summer lovin' had me a blast" is not a myth.

Sure, winter fruits are great, but I def prefer watermelons, pineapple, and coconut to a kumquat any old day.

And I can drive with the windows down without it seeming too bold.

Don't you dare get me started on summer nights and how special they are.

Seriously though, everything is so much better with you around.

I can be who I want to be. Go where I want to go. Do what I wanna do!

Fun doesn't rhyme with "sun" for no reason!

So yeah. Thank you, summer. Thank you so much for the good times.

Till next summer, k?