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7 Things You May Have Missed From The GRAMMYs Halftime Show

100 Dancers, Country, Rap, and Techno. There was a lot going on in Pepsi's first-ever GRAMMYs halftime show. If you aren't up to speed on the NFL, here's what you might have missed.

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1. The GRAMMYs halftime show kicked off with Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, who surprised us with his vocal chops.

Deion Sanders was famous for playing both professional football and baseball. But singing? No problem. Nothing Deion does should surprise us anymore.

2. And that charm...

There's a reason Deion's other nickname is "Neon."

3. Then Coach Mike Ditka rode the cement football to glory.

Throughout his legendary career as a Super Bowl-winning player and coach, no one ever accused Mike of being subtle.

4. Sure, he crashed the ball, but no biggie...

It takes a lot more than that to ruffle ol' Mike's feathers.

5. Terry Bradshaw went down home with his country music fireball extravaganza.

If you're not familiar with Terry Bradshaw, he's a Hall of Fame quarterback who won four Super Bowl titles in six years. That was before he discovered his hidden talents as an entertainer as both a TV analyst and, uh... singer.

6. Oh, and you saw the monster truck, right?

That's right, this halftime show had a monster truck!

7. And, finally, what halftime show would be complete without the mysterious techno stylings of... Michael Oher and Matthew Stafford.

Stafford is the quarterback of the Detroit Lions and a former college star from the University of Georgia. Oher is the offensive tackle of the Baltimore Ravens. His life was depicted in the book and movie The Blind Side. Not only do these guys kill it on the field, but they can also clearly get the party started from the DJ booth.

Watch it below:

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