10 Unforgettable Super Bowl Moments As Told By Cats

Amazing. Scratch that. A-meow-zing.

1. Super Bowl XXXIV: One Yard Short

Shutterstock, 2 / commons.wikimedia.org

2. Super Bowl XLVII: The Blackout

Shutterstock / ohmagif.com

3. Super Bowl XXV: Wide Right

Shutterstock, 3

4. Super Bowl XX: The Super Bowl Shuffle

5. Super Bowl XXXVI: The Kick Is Good, with No Time Left on the Clock

Shutterstock, 3

6. Super Bowl XXXI: The 99-Yard Dash

Shutterstock, 4 / Via nuntio.xoom.it

7. Super Bowl XVI: The Greatest Goal-Line Stand

Shutterstock, 3 / Via buzzhunt.co.uk

8. Super Bowl XXLI: The Helmet Catch

Shutterstock, 2 / Via funnycutegifs.com

9. Super Bowl XXV: Whitney's "Star-Spangled Banner"

Shutterstock, 4

10. Super Bowl III: The Prediction

Shutterstock / Via wifflegif.com

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