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10 Things You Should Know About Fireworks Before July 4th

And if you don't learn anything, at least the post is pretty. If you're looking for more fireworks on the 4th of July, nothing beats the explosive taste of Wild Cherry Pepsi!

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1. Over 90% of the world's fireworks are manufactured in China.


Which makes the 4th of July celebration wonderfully ironic.

2. Fireworks were rumored to scare away bad spirits.


And dogs, and people, and pretty much anyone who didn't know fireworks were being fired off.

3. The colors that you see are made by burning metal salts.


Science FTW!

4. The easiest color to manufacture is orange.


Which makes you wonder why we don't see more Halloween fireworks.

5. The hardest colors to manufacture are blue and purple.


So appreciate how difficult it was for those firework manufacturers to help us celebrate our independence.

6. Some fireworks are made with air compression instead of gunpowder because it's safer and more precise.


Air you go, another fun fact (sorry bad pun).

7. Sparklers are great for taking long exposure pictures.

If you post it on your wall, it'll make you look artsy and cool or something.
Glen Bowman / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: glenbowman

If you post it on your wall, it'll make you look artsy and cool or something.

8. The firework patterns were first used in the 1990s to welcome the Desert Storm troops back. / Via

They were shaped like purple hearts and yellow bows.

9. Static electricity trapped in your clothes could actually set off the fireworks.


So be careful! PLEASE.

10. A firework show in your dreams is said to be an indicator of increased creativity.