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10 Demaryius Thomas Nightmares All Defensive Coaches Have

Demaryius has kept a lot of defensive coaches awake at night.

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1. Your unbreakable defense gets broken.

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2. You're doing a press conference about how he scored 100 TDs and forgot to put on clothes.

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3. Demaryius lays down one of his mega blocks on the linebackers and starts breathing fire like a dragon.

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4. He turns into a panther and jumps the entire length of the field for a game-winning score.

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5. He offers to help build your house, but only to secretly slip behind the defense.

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6. You wake up from a Demaryius nightmare and go to the bathroom... only to discover that YOU'RE STILL IN THE NIGHTMARE.

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7. He blows off your chess date to go win a championship, playing you for a sucker.

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8. Someone's talking during your favorite movie, but when you turn around to shush them, it's actually Demaryius Thomas crushing TDs all over the place.

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9. Your best defensive player is hot on his tail until...

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10. And whatever this is.

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