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7 Brands That Will Sweeten Any Girls Life

Who says there isn't beauty in being a foodie? These dessert-themed beauty brands are such a treat, and a girl is never afraid to indulge

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1. Ice Cream Confetti

Ice Cream Confetti / Via Instagram

Ice Cream Confetti the premier creme de la cream of Hair Extensions. The self proclaimed 'Flava in ya hair' is not only popular for its luxury tresses, with names such as Waffle Cone Wavy and Strawberry straight, but its branded quirky girl tribe, peculiar presentation, and sweet sensibility will work up any girls appetite. Shop truly genuine 100% Raw Human Hair Extensions with this savory line.

2. Shoe Bakery

Shoe Bakery / Via instagram

Nothing more a girl can love than a combination of shoes and sweets. This appetizing brand of uniquely hand-crafted heels, flats, and handbags will have you looking delicious! With an array of flavors such as Red Velvet, Cookies n Cream, and Confetti Cake. Most products are made to order, but you can shop their assorted flavors of Baked and Ready goods!

3. Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics / Via Instagram

This cosmetics line gained notoriety in the social media sphere for its smudge-free long-wear matte lipsticks. Beauty Bakerie is sure to leave your mouth watering not only over their packaging, but the variety of cute cruelty-free makeup within their product line. Message!

4. Too Faced

Too Faced Cosmetics / Via Facebook

This darling of a tongue-and-cheek brand has become a leading global beauty company. It may not be as dessert themed as others on our list but it's consistent releases of fun, quirky, irreverent makeup palettes such as Sweet Peach, Chocolate Bar, and Peanut Butter Honey places it as a leader of the pack.

5. Shea Bakery

Shea Bakery / Via Instagram

This delightful boutique skin care line is definitely one to watch. Popularized for its assorted body butters and their realistic cookie, cake, and cinnamon roll containers, the company has now expanded to Lip Butters, Fragrances, and Candles.

6. Cupcake Mafia

CupCake Mafia / Via Instagram

This unapologetic baddie brand has long been a champion of sweet & street that we couldn't resist including into our list. With it's witty t-shirt slogans, girl power motif, and sweet & sour themes, CupCake Mafia clothing is not for the faint at heart, but for those who are robust in flavor.

7. Sydney's Sweet Soaps

Sydney's Sweet Soap / Via Instagram
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