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  • Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Cake

    Written by Julie White First cake image credited to Zoe Clark Cakes. Second cake image credited to The White Flower Cake Shoppe. Third cake image credited to My Wedding Nigeria. Thinking about your wedding cake is one aspect of wedding planning that can be quite overwhelming. How should your cake look? How should it taste? Where do you find a cake for a reasonable price when you’ve heard that cakes can reach thousands of dollars? When and where do you start looking for a bakery that will create a beautiful, affordable cake? We have a couple of tips that will help to answer your questions so that you can choose a cake and eat it too! We completely understand that wedding cakes are a major decision in the planning process and we want to help make sure you don’t end up needlessly stressing over something that will be just a distant memory to your taste buds after it’s gone. After all, the cake is one of the things everyone looks forward to at the reception, right? You should make sure that you are included in the enjoyment! According to cake designer Joanne Bruno, who has 20 years of experience baking delicious confections, you should do preliminary research online about six months before your wedding to find a bakery. Look for current images of a bakery’s work and client reviews that are recent. Once you find a bakery you like, check it out in person to meet the staff and schedule a tasting because, even though you think you know what chocolate cake tastes like, flavors can differ from bakery to bakery. After you have selected your bakery, make sure to design your cake (with the bakery’s help) at least three months before your wedding. When you design your cake, don’t hesitate to get creative! Use the color of the bridesmaid dresses, bring in your wedding day jewelry, or even a sample of fabric from your dress for the baker to recreate on your cake. The cake doesn’t just have to be round and three-tiered, either! Square and oval cakes make quite a statement. Some bakeries even do sugar sculptures and use only organic ingredients, so make sure to do your research if you have something specific in mind. blogtrend7 Your cake can match your dress One thing that is important to keep in mind is not to let too many people have input about your cake. Cake designer Joanne Bruno said “I’ve seen many brides driven crazy because they involved both sets of parents, friends, cousins, the entire bridesmaid party, etc.” For more from Bruno, click here. When it comes to saving money, you can still get the look of a multi-tiered cake by having fake Styrofoam layers that are decorated along with the rest of the cake. The part of the cake that you cut into and feed to each other is real (along with the very top layer to save for your first anniversary!). Then the cake is wheeled out of sight, and a much more budget friendly sheet cake can be served to your guests. colorful-wedding-cake Don’t be afraid to go with a colorful cake! You definitely want to be sure to have clear communication with your bakery, especially about the date and time of your wedding and when the cake is to be delivered. I can speak from experience about this because my wedding cake was late to the wedding – I didn’t even notice until the coordinator came over and said “Now, I don’t want you to panic, but your cake isn’t here yet. We’ve called the bakery, and they said that they had written down that the cake was to be delivered tomorrow. But don’t worry, it is on its way now.” Our cake looked like it had been decorated in a rush, but it was still delicious and made for a unique story! J009 My late wedding cake

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