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10 Most Pun-Tastic Law School Student Organization Names

Law school isn't all casebooks, clinical programs, and on-campus recruiting. There's plenty of fun - and pun - to be had as a law student, as evidenced by these groups.

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8. Scales of Justice (Harvard Law School)

"Scales of Justice is Harvard Law School’s very own co-ed a capella ensemble! We are a close-knit group of 12-15 singers from various musical backgrounds, dedicated to bringing harmony to Harvard Law... In the past years, we have performed favorites from artists including Madonna, Jason Mraz, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Barenaked Ladies, Evanescence, the Fugees, Rockapella and ABBA, as well as original compositions."

6. The Libel Show (UVA Law)


"The Libel Show is an annual theatrical production which has been humoring the Law School since 1908 (making us the longest running student organization on campus). Each year the Show lampoons our professors and life at the Law School through a variety of impersonations, song parodies, and skits. The Libel Show's mission is to do everything within its power to help the Law School community enjoy raucous laughter. About 200 students write, sing, act, dance, play in the band, and work as run crew on the Show."

3. Habeas Chorus (Northwestern Law AND Yale Law)

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Above Northwestern's Habeas Chorus performs "One Day More" from Les Miserables.

"Habeas Chorus, Yale Law School’s coed a cappella group, is known to remix popular songs with legal terminology." (Yale Daily News)

2. In Vino Veritas (Harvard Law School)

"The purpose [of In Vino Veritas] is to introduce interested members of the Harvard Law School community to the exciting world of wine at formal tastings, informal blind tasting workshops, and tasting dinners at area restaurants."

1. Beyond a Reasonable Stout (Penn Law)

"Beyond a Reasonable Stout connects Penn Law students with Philadelphia’s vibrant craft beer culture. And through brewery tours, tastings, talks, and events, BARS educates members about the diverse range of beer styles and brewing processes, as well as craft beer’s connections to agriculture, gastronomy, community outreach, and local economies. Ultimately, BARS promotes a heightened awareness of brewing as an art form and craft brewing as fast-growing industry."