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A Purr-fect Summer Reading List From Cat

Get the whole family—including your favorite furball—to cuddle up to this feline-friendly summer reading list.

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Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner

Why Your Kids Will Love It: ¡Ay, caramba! This rambunctious kitten uses his overactive imagination to morph into his sword-fighting, theme-song-crooning alter-ego, Skippito Friskito.

Why Cat Loves It: Cat appreciates Skippyjon’s “if you can dream it, you can do it” outlook on life. (He is also jealous of Skippito’s theme song, but who can blame him?)

The Amazing Hamweenie by Patty Bowman

Why Your Kids Will Love It: Hamweenie’s laughable attempts to escape his loving owners captors are futile. He has no choice other than to ride out his imprisonment with yet another long, relaxing nap.

Why Cat Loves It: Finally, a cat pulls back the curtain to reveal life on the inside. Plus, naps!

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

Why Your Kids Will Love It: The timeless antics of this beloved troublemaker never disappoint.

Why Cat Loves It: Take it from Cat and his sparkly suit: No one can resist a feline in formal wear.

Bits & Pieces by Judy Schachner

Why Your Kids Will Love It: Tink’s brain may be the size of a pea, but his heart is enormous. Kids will enjoy looking at the lush, cozy pictures as Tink takes on his biggest adventure yet: being an outdoor cat for one day.

Why Cat Loves It: What indoor cat hasn’t dreamed of making a break for it and seeing how the other half lives?

Mr. Pants: It’s Go Time! by Scott McCormick

Why Your Kids Will Love It: Even reluctant readers will gobble up this graphic novel about Mr. Pants, a feisty cat trying to squeeze as much fun as he can into the last day of summer break.

Why Cat Loves It: It is filled with classic cat playthings (like boxes, stuffed animals, and… laser tag?).

Pete the Cat by Eric Litwin

Why Your Kids Will Love It: It’s a book that demands to be sung. Music-loving Pete’s shoes may keep changing colors, but nothing can give him the blues.

Why Cat Loves It: This well-dressed hepcat always keeps his cool.

It's All About ME-ow by Hudson Talbott

Why Your Kids Will Love It: Class is in session! Three little kittens get a crash course on how to be cats. Lessons include purr therapy, begging for food, and which fish are okay to eat. (Fish in the creek? Chow time! Fish in a fishbowl? Must...resist...)

Why Cat Loves It: If there’s one thing Cat can appreciate, it’s a fellow feline with cattitude.

Spy Cat by Peg Kehret

Why Your Kids Will Love It: When a string of burglaries threatens the Kendrill family, it’s up to cat-turned-super-sleuth Pete to solve the crime and save the day.

Why Cat Loves It: Cat understands how frustrating it is when humans don't understand meows. Might he suggest making written signs?

Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton

Why Your Kids Will Love It: Do the kids have butterflies about starting school in the fall? Squelch those nerves with this feel-good picture book about Splat, who learns that school is really great, after all.

Why Cat Loves It: Splat has a pretty sweet bicycle. It’s no red motorcycle, but we can’t all be as cool as Cat!