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5 Ways The World Will End, According To YA Novels

It's the end of the world as we know it...but how will it happen? These YA novels offer up their theories. It's not looking good for us humans, you guys.

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Alien Invasion

THE 5th WAVE by Rick Yancey

How it will end: Aliens wreak havoc on humanity with five deadly “waves” of destruction in order to take over the planet.

Who will save us: Cassie, one of the last human survivors trying to make it on her own; Ben, who has been conscripted by what remains of the US military; and Evan, a mysterious farm boy.


END TIMES by Anna Schumacher

How it will end: Strange events plague Carbon County, Wyoming as forces of good and evil begin to gather in town, signaling the End of Days.

Who will save us: Outsider Daphne, who has come to Carbon County to escape her past, and Owen, who isn’t quite sure yet whose side he’s really on.

Second Ice Age

FROZEN by Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston

How it will end: Some say it will end in fire…some say ice. In this futuristic version of America, a new Ice Age has dawned, bringing chaos—and buried magic—boiling to the surface.

Who will save us: Natalie, a fugitive with a secret, and Wes, a rebel with a dangerous past.

Biological Warfare


How it will end: In a busy suburban mall just like yours, a biological bomb is found in an air duct. Quarantine follows, then sickness and violence. If this is what’s happening inside, what’s going on in the rest of the world?

Who will save us: Among the stranded shoppers are four teens, who all cope in unique ways, form alliances, and try to find safety at a time when adults cannot be trusted.



How it will end: With six-foot-tall praying mantises, the result of a dangerous scientific experiment, running rampant across the globe, eating humans and multiplying.

Who will save us: Austin Szerba and Robby Brees, two Iowa teens who seem to be the only people who know what’s happening. Although, they did accidentally release the “unstoppable soldiers”, too, so…at this point, the world might be beyond saving.