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    12 Great Reasons To Read Banned Books

    We asked our Facebook followers why they think the freedom to read is so important. This is what they said.

    1. Books Teach Us Empathy

    "The freedom to read is important because it enables readers to broaden their range of experience and understanding of others' struggles and situations." – Jennifer

    2. Books Make Us Think

    "Everyone, including teens and children need to be allowed to read books that make them think." – Hilda

    3. Books Broaden Our Understanding

    "In banning books, we are limiting our youth to what we think they should believe…we are limiting their critical thinking skills." – Haley

    4. Books Help Us Cope

    "These books deal with very real issues that we face, and could potentially help teens understand how to cope with particular situations and be able to love themselves." – Michaela

    5. Books Give Us Knowledge

    "Reading allows us to be informed from many different sources." – Becky

    6. Books Make Our Society Better

    "Reading is fundamental to an educated society." – Mimi

    7. Books Show Us The Wisdom Of Others

    "Without being able to read books that depict serious situations, the wisdom of dealing with those situations would not be passed on." – Irene

    8. Books Challenge Us

    "Reading forces us to see the world in a new way." – Anita

    9. Books Raise Awareness For Important Issues

    "[Books] raise awareness for issues that are "swept under the rug" in today's society. They allow readers to move past their own little worlds and explore things they would never see or know about otherwise." – Jessica

    10. Reading is a Right

    "The freedom to read is important because it's basically freedom of speech. We have the right to say what we want, and therefore we should have the right to read what we want." – Morrisa

    11. Books Breed Conversation

    "We need people not to ignore what is happening but to start having a conversation about it!" – Brittany

    12. Books Are a Record

    "Literature is a reflection of our culture, and if we are to have an intelligent next generation, they must be comfortable with the realities of their existence." – Rachel

    Celebrate YOUR freedom to read by picking up a banned or challenged book today!