The Best “Bridget And Darcy” Moments From BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY

As readers learn about the death of Mark Darcy in the upcoming Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, we take a look back at happier times for our heroine Bridget and her beloved Darcy from BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY.

1. Bridget meets Mark… and his hideous sweater.

“He turned around, revealing that what had seemed from the back like a harmless navy sweater was actually a V-neck diamond-patterned in shades of yellow and blue—as favored by the more elderly of the nation’s sports reporters.

2. Bridget runs into Darcy at the infamous Kafka’s Motorbike Party

“Certainly one of the top…thirty… books of our time…”

3. Bridget is dressed for the occasion at the “Tarts and Vicars” Party

“I could feel someone’s eyes on me and looked up to see Mark Darcy staring fixedly at the bunny tail. Beside him was the tall thin glamorous top family-law barrister clad in a demure lilac dress and coat like Jackie O., with sunglasses on her head.”

4. Bridget flaunts her literary prowess as Mark finally asks her to dinner (at his mother’s behest).

“I don’t want to be asked out to dinner just because your mum wants you to. Anyway, what would we talk about? You’d just ask me if I’ve read any good books lately and then I’d have to make up some pathetic lie and —”

5. “Oh My God. Just took lid off casserole to remove carcasses. Soup is bright blue.”

6. Middle-Aged Battle Royale! Darcy and Daniel duke it out for Bridget’s heart.

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