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What Were Your Most Awkwardly Embarrassing Middle-School Moments?

Ahhh, middle school...the time of first kisses, growth spurts, and wishing you were never born!

We can all agree that middle school was when our awkwardness totally peaked. We asked people to share some of their most cringe-worthy middle-school stories, and they are RELATABLE AF!

1. Being asked to "read aloud to the class" was a death sentence.

"In seventh grade science class, we were doing that thing where everyone in the room takes a turn reading aloud from the textbook. When it was my turn, I said "orgasm" instead of "organism," and then about three sentences later I did it AGAIN. My teacher had to correct me TWO-WICE."

—Kristin R.

2. Learning new curse words was a blessing and a curse.

"In seventh grade, I was new to curse words and quite excited by the prospect of being an 'edgy' middle schooler. One day after gym class, I went around the locker room in my bra yelling people's full names at the top of my lungs but saying "fucking" in the middle. "John FUCKING Smith!" "Jane FUCKING Doe!" You get it. I was getting a lot of laughs and felt pretty cool until our gym teacher burst through the locker room door and yelled, "YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH, YOUNG LADY" in the most chastising tone I've ever heard. I shut up and spent about a week convinced that I was going to get expelled from school."

—Jo S.

3. Trying to talk to your crush was guaranteed to end in disaster.

"In eighth grade, the guy I liked was on the wrestling team, and after volleyball practice some of my friends and I would go to the All-Purpose Room to watch them practice. So one day I was standing there, and I leaned back against the wall trying to look cool and nonchalant. I didn’t realize that I was leaning against the light switch, and the room went completely dark. I was humiliated!!!"

—Kemi A.

4. Your friends would NEVER let you live anything down.

"I had uniforms in middle school that consisted of button-down shirts tucked into skirts and then "modesty shorts" (aka spandex shorts) underneath. One time, some friends and I were walking up the stairs to class, and I tripped, dropped all of my books, and my skirt flew up over my head. Everyone was legit DYING laughing. Then when we made our eighth grade video, everyone was asked "What was the funniest moment?", and like five people said that it was this time when I fell and my skirt flew up. So now it's in this video for me to remember forever."

—Tracy R.

5. Two words: SEX. ED.

"In middle school, we had to take a sex-education class, and one day we were tasked with naming popular TV shows where characters were known "to have the sex." When there was a lull in suggestions, our teacher said, "What about Seinfeld? Eileen sleeps with everyone!" I could feel the collective eyes of my entire class turning and looking at me. My teacher did not correct herself, and I was too embarrassed to point out that Jerry was the biggest slut on that show and maybe leave ELAINE alone."

—Eileen C.

6. Cafeteria food + PE = HUGE MISTAKE

"I sharted my pants in my sixth-grade PE class. My lunch period was right before my PE class, which is just never a good idea. We had to learn jump-rope tricks, so there was a lot of bouncing around. I had some tummy rumbles, and just when I thought it would be okay to let out a tiny silent fart, it broke into an explosive shart. Oops, teehee."

—Kate G.

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What's your most embarrassing middle-school story? Let us know in the comments! And relive those oh-so-special years when all episodes of PEN15 begin streaming on February 8, only on Hulu.

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