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9 People Share The Outfits They Wore In Middle School And They're Cringe-Worthy AF

Why didn't anyone stop us?!

1. The "A Rainbow Threw Up On Me" Look

"In middle school, I was super into corduroy pants. I had a variety of colors, and I specifically remember a pair that had multicolored purple stripes. I would wear two different-colored Converse at once. I had a purple pair and a light blue pair, so I would wear one of each and thought that was cool."

—Tracy R.

2. The "Movie Theater Chic " Look

"I wanted to have ~cool~ glasses so I would pop the lenses out of those free 3D movie glasses and WEAR THOSE IN PUBLIC. Kill me."

—Emily D.

3. Ummm, THIS.

"My favorite T-shirt said, 'Jesus is my homeboy.'"

—Ken S.

4. The "High-Fashion Farmer" Look

"In seventh or eighth grade, I owned a pair of cow-print clogs that I thought were SO COOL. Two of my best friends disagreed, and they chose to share their opinion with me, but that didn't stop me. It still makes me cringe to think about those shoes."

—Casey C.

5. The "Dragons Are Life" Look

"When I was in seventh grade, I went through a big fantasy phase, and I was really into dragons. I wore a metal ring of a dragon holding a crystal ball. The ring was chunky and raised about half an inch off my finger, so it banged into everything loudly. Despite that, and the fact that literally no one else thought it was cool, I wore it anyway."

—Adam J.

6. The "Classic" Look

"I thought bowl cuts were cool. It was my mom that talked me out of it."

—Jamie M.

7. The "GET OUT OF MY ROOM, MOM!" Look

"Brown vest over a black obscure-band T-shirt? HIGH FASHION. Bonus points for attempting to pull off across-the-face bangs with blonde streaks."

—Jess T.

8. The "Canadian Tuxedo" Look

"Somewhere down the line, I had read that wearing denim made you seem cool. So, in middle school, I wore A LOT of denim. I would wear blue jeans, of course, but I also wore blue denim button-down shirts and, to cap it all off, boat shoes that were made out of blue denim with chunky leather laces. The laces never stayed tied, so I was dressed like this and constantly tying my shoes."

—Brian B.

9. The "I Regret Everything" Look

"In sixth grade, I was dumb enough to let my friend convince me that her brother should cut my hair. And not like her talented older brother — her younger brother. She claimed he was good at it and could give me bangs. Well, obviously I looked insane, and those bangs took basically the rest of middle school to grow out."

—Alex S.

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