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    • peggyr4c66bc675

      I approached this list with the expectation that the author and I would not match up in our preferences and distastes. Overall, and without caring so much for each intricate ranking (I’m sure the author would tweak it some more if they could), I agree with this list. The potentials and the Initiative are understood as deplorable, Angel is recognized as inconsistently written, and Willow is given due props. I even appreciate the bold choice to not rank Buffy #1.  My only major disagreements:
      1) I would have ranked Joyce Summers higher than #24, given how affecting she is in a range of episodes, from “Dead Man’s Party” to “Band Candy”, to her episodes in season five when she’s dying of cancer;
      and 2) I feel like I’m alone in my disliking Faith. I don’t hate her—I think she should be ranked high—I just don’t get off on her like most people do. I mostly find her douchey and not because she’s written that way but because I think Eliza Dushku is a hammy actress. She’s kinda weak.

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