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17 Signs You're Leaving For College Soon

Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

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1. You go shopping for dorm supplies every day.

2. Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond have become like a second home to you.



3. You've googled all sorts of room decoration ideas.

4. You're sad you can't bring entire room from home with you.

5. Your best friends from high school have started to guilt you about leaving them behind.

6. Unless you guys happen to be going to the same college or staying in your home town.

7. So they have claimed your time every day of the week.

Let's go dorm shopping.

Let's go eat.

We need to hang out.

Do you know how long we own't be together.

You won't be next door anymore.

I can't deal.

8. You feel like there's not enough time to do all the things you want to do before leaving for school.

9. You just paid your first college tuition bill and were depressed for a while.

10. You can't stand the thought of not going to school with your best friend.

11. Your family has become oddly attached to you all of a sudden.


Especially your mother.

12. You have already Facebook-stalked your future roommate and initiated contact.

13. You're starting to feel scared and nervous even though you're completely excited about going off to school.

14. You're already starting to feel homesick and nostalgic about high school even though you haven't gone off to college yet.

15. But more than anything, you're so excited to start fresh!

16. Because you know that your best friends will always be there with you.

17. For now, though, this is how you feel:

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