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27 Zero Waste DIY Ideas That Will Make You Say, "My God, It's Brilliant"

Never buy hair elastics, coffee filters, or plastic sandwich baggies ever again.

1. Easily make a reusable coffee filter in just five — yes, five! — minutes using unbleached muslin.

2. Turn some leftover string or twine into a knotted grocery bag.

3. Reuse your pasta jars as drinking glasses.

4. Turn old t-shirts or rags into DIY citrus oil dusting wipes you can use over and over again.

5. Ever feel pangs of guilt every time you pull out a Clorox wipe? Here's how to make reusable Clorox-style wipes.

6. Make your own reusable bread loaf bag.

7. Make these velcro sandwich bags so you can help banish plastic baggies, one school lunch at a time.

8. Instead of using Swiffer pads, just grab an old fuzzy sock that's lost its way.

9. Recycle those mesh produce bags by crocheting them into pot scrubbers.

10. Got leftover twine instead? Make your own dish scrubbies.

11. These washcloth-turned-dryer-sheets are only 4 ingredients.

12. If you have old newspaper lying around, master this special folding technique so you can use them as trash can liners.

13. Make dishwasher tablets in an old ice tray.

14. Make your own reusable machine-washable cotton rounds.

15. If you don't sew, you can also crochet your own makeup rounds.

16. Reusable tea bags are basically the cutest thing ever.

17. Make a mini-greenhouse using an old 2-liter soda bottle.

18. Keep snacks fresh with these DIY reusable oilcloth bowl covers.

19. Store your produce in jars instead of plastic produce bags.

20. Never buy Saran wrap again with this beeswax food wrap DIY.

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21. Get yourself a soap bar that can do it all — shampoo, soap, and shaving.

22. These homemade makeup remover cloths features really simple, clean ingredients — unlike the store-bought version.

23. Hanging reusable multi-use kitchen towels on a hook might even encourage your household to reach for them more often than the paper ones.

24. Or just straight-up replace your paper towels with these un-paper ones.

25. Practice the art of reusing clothes as gift wrap.

26. These baby wipes are only three ingredients, for real.

27. Repurpose your old tights and never buy hair elastics again.