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    31 Remodeling Ideas You Obviously Need In Your Future Home

    Infinity pool plus one.

    Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed

    1. A Glass Walled-In Bridge

    Paul Warchol Photography /

    For going from the main house to the guest house, obvs.

    2. A Kitchen That Is Basically A Sunroom

    3. A Waterfall-Divided Floating Living Room

    4. A Fireplace In Your Infinity Pool

    Nestle those two elements right up next to one another.

    5. A Conversation Pit For Your Swimming Pool / Via

    For deep discourse about caviar and world travels, or whatever it is rich people talk about.

    6. A Glass-Encased Reading Nook

    Rainy days will never be the same.

    7. A Backyard Micro-Cabin

    8. Enormous Turnstile Doors

    9. A Wine Cave

    Wine Cave > Man Cave.

    10. A Beach-Style Bar For Your Screened-In Porch


    For year round mai tais.

    11. A Glass Tub

    12. The Ultimate Snack Closet

    Snack closets are the new pantries.

    13. A Snack Closet Bigger Than Your Current Bedroom

    This one's bigger than my whole apartment, actually.

    14. A Starry Night Bedroom

    So you can camp out under the stars every night.

    15. A Swim-Up Bar

    16. An Underground Parking Driveway

    To go with your imaginary Ferrari.

    17. A Porthole Laundry Chute

    18. A Wrap-Around Balcony

    Where else are you going to practice your arias??

    19. A 360-Degree View

    20. A Swarovsky Crystal-Encrusted Staircase

    21. A Rooftop Slide Into Your Penthouse

    22. A Slide All The Way To The Outside

    23. A Bowling Alley In The Basement

    Pretty much the best game room ever.

    24. An Attic Bedroom With Epic Arches

    25. A Kitchen Island That Is Also A Secret Passageway

    26. A Balcony Window You Can Step Out Into

    27. A Stream That Runs Through The Hallway

    28. A Seamlessly Integrated Shower

    29. A Reading Net

    And I'll take that ceiling high library as well, too, thank you.

    30. Not Just One Skylight, But Like, Twenty

    There is more than one window into the soul.

    31. An Aquarium Windowseat


    Tranquility now!

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