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    31 Works Of Art We Can All Appreciate

    You don't need an art history degree or an elevated sense of pretension to "get" these amazing pieces. Someone needs to curate an art gallery specifically devoted to the subject matters of rainbows, pizza, and cats.

    1. "There Is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World"

    2. "Baguette Table"

    3. "Sparkle Palace"

    4. "Untitled"

    5. "Baguette Koozie"

    6. "Toast Gradient"

    7. A 3,000-Piece Gummy Bear Chandelier

    8. Louis CK Made Out of Cheetos

    9. "Women & Women First"

    10. "I'm So Fucking Happy"

    11. Project About the Visualisation of Statistical Data

    12. "The Golden Mistake"

    13. "Drum Kit"

    14. "Red Sky at Night"

    15. "The Chromatic Typewriter"

    16. "Pink Chimta"

    17. "French Fries"

    18. Pizza Wallpaper

    19. Foam Sculptures

    20. "Cat on a Clothesline"

    21. "Popsicles"

    22. Bookshelf Cat

    23. "Old-Fashioned"

    24. "Flashdance"

    25. "Spray Can"

    26. "The Party Is Over"

    27. "Love Serum"

    28. "Chanel Chainsaw" and "Chanel Guillotine"

    29. "Rainbow"

    30. "Birdhouse"

    31. "Tea Set"