What Mariah Carey’s New Nail Line Will Look Like

This is just pure speculation. But Mariah IS set to make two nail polish collections for OPI next year. Let’s hope she draws artistic inspiration from her body of work instead of giving us some boring shades of red and pink.


The more 3-D butterflies the better since she’s made this insect her symbol. Pile them on.

5. “Candy Bling”

Remember this jam?

7. Some Serious Fantasy Nails


13. Christmas-Themed Nails

Mariah loves Christmas.

16. Pizza Nails

The singer claims that pizza is her favorite food but she’s “not allowed to eat it.”

18. Weight Loss Nails

Despite pizza being her favorite food, she constantly dieting and experiencing major weight fluctuations. Now, she’s a Jenny Craig spokesperson so she’s going to have to keep the weight off.

20. An Irridescent Gold Shade

To match Mariah’s reptilian dress from “The Emancipation of Mimi.”

27. CHARMS!!

Let us not forget that she had an album called “CHARMbracelet.”

29. Obligatory Horse Nail Art

She exhibits a horse fetish in the “Butterfly” video.

32. Some Whitney Houston Tribute Nails

They pulled through their rivalry and ended up as great friends.

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