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    40 Vintage Wedding Ring Details That Are Utterly To Die For

    Obsessed. They sure don't make them like they used to.

    1. The way this diamond is so elegantly propped up.

    It's an art deco ring from the 1920s. Buy it here.

    2. The way the small diamonds encircle the big one.

    Set in platinum on gold, circa 1900.

    3. The myriad of geometric shapes all put together into one gorgeous ring.

    4. The way this ring is actually scalloped.

    5. The sheer intensity of this setting.

    So. Much. Ornate.

    6. The way the amazing art deco details are hidden in the side profile of the ring.

    7. The elegant Roman feel of this rose-cut diamond ring.

    From the 19th century. You can buy it here.

    8. The way this ring is a star inside of a flower.

    9. The way these rings are like diamond-encrusted crowns for your finger.

    A seriously rad design from the 1940s. Available from Etsy.


    11. Just all the majestic shapes and angles going on here.

    12. And here.

    It kind of looks like a ring an evil Disney queen would wear, but in the best way possible.

    13. The striking shape of this hexagonal setting.


    And here it is in a big and bold 1.75 carat.

    15. The way your skin will peek through those tiny openwork spaces.



    Love them cutouts.

    18. The way the gold is perfectly tarnished.

    It's a Victorian rose-cut diamond engagement ring circa early 1900s. Available here.

    19. Just everything about this insanely avant-garde ring.

    Flickr: bloomphoto / Via

    "This ring was actually her mom's ring that was lost for 30 years and found the week before the couple got engaged. They found out later it was designed by a Danish designer, which has special significance because Paul is Danish."

    20. That row of micro-pavé running along the center of the band.

    21. The sheer gargatuanocity of these rings.


    A vintage Cartier showstopper.

    23. The delicate, double-pronged setting.

    24. The way these diamonds are daintily small, but are set in gorgeously designed rings.


    From the 1960s.

    26. The stark simplicity of this 1920s ring.

    27. The way this diamond sits high up, as if floating in the setting.

    A mid-century style ring from the 1960s. Buy it here.

    28. The way these diamonds are actually COMING OUT AT YOU like a firework.

    White gold and diamond engagement ring from the 1960s. Available from Etsy.


    30. The clean lines of this deceptively modern ring.

    31. The interplay between the gold and platinum.

    From the 1910s.

    32. The unexpected connection between the primary diamond and the band.

    An art deco ring from the 1920s. Available here.

    33. The way the diamond seems flanked by ribbons of white gold.

    From the 1940s.

    34. The way the sapphire gems encircle the diamond in such a regal way.

    From the 1920s. Scarily, this 2-carat ring costs $35,000.

    35. The way this oddly asymmetric ring holds two equal diamonds.

    36. The way the diamond is surrounded by hearts.

    Circa 1930s. You can purchase it here.

    37. The way there are tiny leaves encasing that giant diamond.

    38. The way there are tiny leaves going around the back of this gorgeously geometric ring.

    This is an old European-style ring from 1925.

    39. The way this ring opens up with a hidden message underneath.

    It's a wedding ring from France, circa 1830–1860. Lucky lucky you if you got this one passed down to you as an heirloom.

    40. The way this 6.75-carat ring looks just as pretty from the side as it does from the top.