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    24 Wedding Dress Details That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Whole Lot Gorgeous

    It's just the little things.

    1. These pearls that look like they're floating on her skin.

    2. This art deco-inspired backpiece that can go with any dress.

    3. These delicate detachable cap sleeves.

    4. The extremely delicate straps on these two dresses.

    5. The tiny rose gold sequins on this veil.

    6. This intricate cutout design.

    7. The soft petal-like folds on this bodice.

    8. The cutout on this backless dress.

    (You should see the front, too.)

    9. This insanely cool jumpsuit.

    10. These intricate sleeves.

    11. These essential pockets.

    12. And these utterly see-through ones.

    13. This perfect bow.

    14. And this big floppy one.

    15. And this one that's off to the side.

    16. This unbuttoned stylistic choice.

    17. This saree and lehenga combo.

    18. These bold but delicate straps.

    19. This shoulder jewelry for a simple strapless dress.

    20. This goddess-evoking cape veil.

    21. The way the back of this dress laces up.

    22. Honestly, who needs accessories with a jeweled back like this?

    23. Or this?

    24. And finally, a totally casual jacket to top it all off.