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    23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas

    You gotta keep those unsuspecting guests on their toes. Steal these ideas before they become standard wedding fare.

    1. A guest box instead of a guest book, where guests can record a message on video.

    The technology is now. And besides, according to the experts, handwriting will be phased out within 20 years anyway.

    2. A ring bearer who's also a high-security agent.

    3. An adorned reception bathroom.

    The bathroom: underrated and overlooked. Meanwhile, your attention to detail will NOT go underrated and overlooked.

    4. Overalls in lieu of a wedding dress.

    5. DIY watercooler bar.

    Save $$$ on the lack of bartender.

    6. Jenga guestbook.

    Instead of a guestbook, have your guests write on Jenga pieces. Every time you play Jenga, you'll be reminded of all the well wishes.

    7. Your guests as videographer.

    Instead of hiring a videographer, have your guests pass around flip cams and get it edited into a final video by Wedit.

    8. Mimosa bar for a morning or brunch reception.

    Pure delight.

    9. Pamphlets making fun of your own wedding.

    Derek and Alexa are probably two pretty cool people.

    10. A special coloring book just for the kids.

    Get the printable and the directions here.

    11. Tubing as a pre-wedding event.

    12. "Awkward family photo" wedding photo.

    13. An apple orchard wedding.

    They usually let you pick as many apples as you need as part of the decor.

    14. Polaroid photo booth.

    15. Ring bearer's box instead of a pillow.

    16. A Polaroid guestbook.

    Instead of a traditional guestbook, make it a photo album. Guests can take photos of themselves and scrawl their messages onto the Polaroids.

    17. DIY confetti bar.

    A confetti bar presents a very strong rival to the actual bar.

    18. Audience cue cards during the ceremony.

    19. An ice cream truck.

    20. A cake buffet.


    21. A gold sequined arrow that shows guests where to go.

    22. For an outdoor wedding, instead of having tables, set up picnic blankets.

    23. For dessert, make a 10-foot-long banana split.

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