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16 Tips From The Depression Era That Are Actually Life Hacks

Because wasting your hard-earned gravy is bonkers.

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9. Start hoarding sugar packets.

Your friends might laugh at you for channeling your inner grandma, but you'll be laughing your way to the bank. Every time you get a cup of coffee, take a few extra sugar packets. By the end of the week, you'll have enough sugar for a batch of cookies.

11. Put whiskey in your soda.

During the prohibition era, they would sneak home-brewed bourbon into their soda. While it's no longer necessary to get your buzz on so discreetly, this still makes a delicious drink.


12. Make apple pie with Ritz crackers.

During the Depression, apples were expensive and hard to come by. Some thrifty folks figured out that when they broke up the more accesible Ritz crackers and flavored them with lemony simple syrup, they got a filling that's unbelievably similar to that of apple pie.

13. Shave with a straight razor.

In addition to having the closest shave of your life, you’ll never have to buy razor cartridges or double edge blades ever again. Just give your straight razor a nice stropping and you’re good to go.

Bonus tip: storing it in mineral oil will keep it from corroding and will make your straight razor last indefinitely.


16. Save everything, and never replace an item you can fix yourself.

With such easy access to new stuff nowadays, it feels like no big deal to get rid of a shirt because it's missing a button or has a small stain.

It's easier to mend your clothes than you think. Learn the basics here.

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