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    20 Times That Art And Design Inspired Awe In 2013

    Just a little reminder that humans are capable of incredible and grand things.

    1. Biblioteca Jose Vasconcelos in Mexico City

    2. Datong Library in China

    3. Kohei Nawa's Cloud-Like Installation

    4. Underwater Hotel Room at Manta Resort off Pemba Island in Africa

    5. Chain Link Fencing as Art by Soo Sunny Park

    6. The Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet

    7. Olek's Colossal Yarn Bomb of a Four-Train Locomotive

    She is, without question, the Queen of Yarn Bombing.

    8. The Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilization in Marseilles

    9. Yayoi Kusama’s Mirror and LED Light Installations

    10. The Salina Turda Salt Mines Turned History Museum in Romania

    11. Amazon’s Headquarters in Seattle

    12. Someone Invented the World's First Ever 3D-Drawing Pen

    The 3Doodler raised an epic $2.3 million on Kickstarter and is now a purchasable reality for $99.

    13. The Fallen 9000 at Normandy

    14. Mark's House in Michigan

    15. Keng Lye's Insanely Realistic Resin Paintings

    Check out more of his art here.

    16. Rogan Brown's Intricate Organic Paper Cutout Sculptures

    Read more about them here.

    17. Tomás Saraceno's "In Orbit" Installation

    18. Cai Guo-Qiang's Life-Size Replica of 99 Animals Drinking from a Lake

    19. Kaleidoscopic Floor Installations by Suzan Drummen

    20. Intricate Temari Balls Embroidered by a 92-Year-Old Grandmother