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36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home

In case you wanted some inspiring ideas for all that disposable income you've got just sitting around.

1. A Fire Pit IN THE POOL

2. A Door That Turns into a Ping-Pong Table

Shouldn't every door be a secret Ping-Pong table?

3. Chilled Produce Drawers in the Kitchen

4. A Wine Cellar Trap Door

The most dizzying combination of alcohol and stairs ever designed.

5. A Sleepover Room

6. A Door Handle That Automatically Turns Off Electricity and Gas When You Leave

7. A Swing-Set Dining Table

For those who love to eat and sway at the same time.

8. A Built-In TV for the Bathtub

9. A Glass-Encased Fireplace

10. A Loft Hammock

11. A Hot Tub That Flows from the Inside to Outside

12. A Huge Round Bedroom Window

13. A Stained-Glass Door

14. A Library Staircase/Slide

15. A Bone-Shaped Pool for Your Dog

This dog can hardly contain himself.

16. A Waterfall in the Bathtub

17. A Waterfall in the Hot Tub

You can never have too many waterfalls.

18. A "Swimpond"

It's a man-made swimming pool that self-cleans and doesn't use bleach or chemicals.

19. A Two-Story Closet

20. A Bed That NEVER ENDS

Aptly named "The Eternity Bed" for sleepovers that last forever.

21. A Movable Balcony

22. A Fridge-Enveloping Pantry

23. A Staircase That Wraps Around an Aquarium

24. Stairs You Can Walk Under

25. A Glass-Encased Basement Pool

26. A Bar You Can Swim Up To

27. A Compartmentalized Bathtub

For couples that love to bathe together but hate the idea of cross-contamination.

28. Bathroom Lights That Resemble Stars

29. Sparkly Bathroom Tiles That Resemble a Beach

30. An Overflow Bathtub with Fireplace

31. A Creek That Runs Through Your Hallway

32. A Built-In Drying Rack

33. A Glitter Staircase

34. A Staircase That Lifts Up to Reveal a Secret Room

35. A Giant Twirly Stainless Steel Slide

36. A Slide Shortcut into the Pool

So obviously necessary.

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