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30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed

Shut up and take my money.

1. Nail Protector Clips

Buy them for $12.50 here.

2. A Battery-Operated Perpetual Bubble Wrap Toy

For those who need satisfying feels at all times. Get it here.

3. This Scale

Purchase it here for $45.

4. The "Pouring Made E-Z" Pan Attachment

Ah, the E-Z life!

Get one here for $5.50.

5. FloWater Waterfall Dispenser

Get it for $12.75 here.

6. Flask Sandals

These beachy sandals contain a "polyurethane canteen in heel with screw cap" which is a clinical way of saying "GET WASTED WITH THIS HIDDEN FLASK IN YOUR SHOE ALL SUMMER LONG!!!"

7. A Squirrel Chair

I don't know if I'd ever get sick of watching squirrels lounging on Adirondack chairs in the backyard. $11.99 from Doctors Foster and Smith.

8. Rainbow in My Room Night Light

9. Pour Thing

Buy it for the pun! And all the time and energy you'll save. Get it for $54 from Amazon.

10. A Water Bottle with Built-In Wallet

11. A Campfire Panini Maker

$25.99 from Amazon.

12. A Portable Fireplace

From Brasa.

13. Piano Doorbell

So guests can play you a jaunty little song when they arrive. I do certainly hope this comes in both major and minor key variations.

This doesn't exist yet, sorry.

14. Car French Fry Holder

15. The Arm Sleeper's Pillow

16. Remote Control Snack Float

If you don't have this in your pool this summer, who are you even??

Get it for $54 from Home Wet Bar.

17. Smuggler's Belt

18. Doggie Fountain

$24 from Amazon.

19. Glitter Clean Up Cloth

20. Dots that Let You Find Things with Your Phone

You stick the dots on commonly lost items, like remote controls and keys. The app uses a radar to help you find it.

Get it here.

21. Motorized Bumper Car Boats

Get it from Amazon.

22. Edible Gold Spraypaint

Kosher-certified! Get it here.

23. Taco Plates

Buy these here.

24. PANTONE Markers

You totally deserve these. $483 from Dick Blick.

25. Multiple Liquor Dispenser

Replace the water line with only fun things! $499 from Side Bar Beverage.

26. Bathtub Tray

You could buy any bathtub caddy, but this one has a special slit for your wine glass! $50 from Umbra.

27. Prism Glasses

Laziness level: GENIUS. $15 from Amazon.

28. Paw Wash

You can sing "At the paw wash" to your dog in a soothing voice every time you use it. $29.99 from Amazon.

29. Crushed Ice Cube Tray

Crushed ice — one of the rarest pleasures of life. Get it from Amazon.

30. Fondue Mug

Sometimes, you just want to eat fondue all alone. $15 from the Fancy.

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