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    37 Things To DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding

    Planning a wedding can totally consume you. These easy projects take less than an hour, and you'll be able to shave some unnecessary expenses from your decorating budget.

    1. Paper Cone Rice Tossers

    2. Framed Blackboard Wedding Program

    3. Succulent Corsages for the Groom and Groomsmen

    4. Celestial Wire Orbs

    These DIY orbs take only a minute to make, and add a little sparkle to any table setting. Get the full directions here.

    5. Pre-Mixed Mason Jar Cocktails

    6. Easy Make-Ahead Floral Table Centerpieces

    7. Colorful Yarn Backdrop

    8. Ribbon-Tied Chairs

    9. Ribbon-Tied Backdrop

    This method uses wrapped wire ties, which is faster than knotting and helps to make the ribbon drape more neatly.

    10. Paper Doilies and Twine Table Settings

    11. Pom Pom Vines

    12. Photo Family Tree

    13. Dip-Dyed Thrifted Silverware

    14. Paper Lantern Columns

    15. DIY Rope Words

    16. Bowtie Napkins

    17. Painted Glass Votives

    18. Vintage Book Table Numbers

    19. Simple Craft Paper Placemats

    20. Apple Aisle Planters

    21. Hanging Sunflower Pomanders

    22. Candles in Terracotta Pots

    23. Lavender and Tulle Chairbacks

    24. Lavender and Twine Wrapped Candles

    25. Polaroid Cake Toppers

    A simple and striking cake topper idea.

    26. Felt Ringbearer's Pillow

    27. Mason Jar and Twine Flower Holders

    28. Ring Pop Bridesmaid Proposals

    29. Chair Seating Cards

    So simple, and all it requires is a little paper printing, cutting, and folding. Get the directions here.

    30. DIY Veil

    31. Miniature Pumpkin Food Markers for a Fall Wedding

    32. Polaroid Photo Booth

    33. Love Note Aisle Runner

    34. Rope-Wrapped Vases

    35. Washi Tape Table Runner and Backdrop

    When it's all part of your color scheme, washi tape doesn't have to look chintzy. More inspiration here.

    36. Photo Album Guestbook

    This is also a great way for guests to include any photos or Polaroids of themselves.

    Instead of a photobooth, set up an impromptu iPad photobooth at the guestbook station. You can easily set up a self-explanatory photo station using an iPad and an Airprint-enabled printer. You can even use the app Pocketbooth to print out photobooth style photos.

    37. Freestanding Giant Star Lights

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