24 Things That Will Go Down As The Most Poorly Designed Of Our Time

    Warning: first world problems ahead.

    1. Serial Wired Christmas Lights

    2. The British Tap

    3. The Microwave Keypad

    4. Economy Airplane Seats

    Just sit back, relax, and nestle your lower back into the weird, slight C-curve that defies human contour.

    [source: Quora]

    5. NYC Parking Signs

    6. Clamshell Packaging

    7. And really just any packaging that requires the thing inside to actually open it.

    8. The NOKIA N-Gage

    Like talking into a taco, basically.

    [source: Quora]

    9. The Pencils You Used in Elementary School

    10. The Juice Carton

    11. Apple's iPhone 5c Case

    12. The iPod Sock of 2004

    13. 9-Pin Connectors

    14. Almost Any Metro or Parking Ticket Machine

    15. FIAT Multipla

    "There's something totally discordant about the front end of this car and I can't stop staring at it...as if it were a six-fingered hand or a baby with two faces."

    [source: Quora]

    16. Motion-Sensor Faucets

    17. The Gear Shift in a Prius

    18. Most Umbrellas

    19. Heinz Ketchup Bottles

    20. Most ATMs

    21. And lest we forget...

    22. Everything About Jewel CD Case Packaging

    23. The Great Gap Logo Redesign Fail of 2010

    24. Confusing Push/Pull Door Designs