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24 Things That Will Go Down As The Most Poorly Designed Of Our Time

Warning: first world problems ahead.

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1. Serial Wired Christmas Lights

1) Only a giant vat of spiked eggnog will make you feel better about the daunting task of disentangling that rat's nest.

2) When one bulb goes out, the whole thing goes out, and you have to find which one is the faulty one via trial and error. By the time you're done, Christmas is already OVER.

[source: Quora]


15. FIAT Multipla

"There's something totally discordant about the front end of this car and I can't stop staring at if it were a six-fingered hand or a baby with two faces."

[source: Quora]

16. Motion-Sensor Faucets

Fact: only one in five motion-sensor faucets actually works. But you get to wave your hands around maniacally in the process, which is probably a fun break from your monotonous day.

[source: Quora]


22. Everything About Jewel CD Case Packaging

The way the plastic wrap was so hard to get off, the way the case would scratch the CD, the way the little prongs that hold the CD in place would break and float around in the CD case. Never forget.


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