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The "No Buy Challenge" Is The Pre-KonMari Method You Need In Your Life

Let's just call this preemptive Marie-Kondo-ing, shall we?

Do you ever buy things from Amazon and forget to return them?

Which is why I felt particularly inspired when my friend Katy started posting on Instagram about her #NoBuyChallenge journey.

I was really inspired by this list of rules, and maybe even MORE inspired by the amount of money that Katy was saving.

What she spends now looks something like this, which I can tell you is a hell of a lot less than what I spend on any average day, living my average damn life in NYC.

1. Let's start with all those beauty products we think we need.

2. Don't buy any new books or magazines. Read the ones you already own or go to the library.

3. Stop with the new electronics and useless gadgets.

Just because the new Airpods came out doesn't mean you need to own them, at least for now. Limit purchases to the replacement of truly vital things that get lost or broken, like your phone.

4. Cut out the source of your number one shopping addiction.

5. And maybe actually just stop buying new clothes in general.

Or limit yourself to just the thrift store, or no fast fashion. Or maybe you limit yourself to only the $$ amount that you're able to get back from your current wardrobe (if you have a resale shop like Buffalo Exchange in your area or are savvy enough to sell on a resale app like Poshmark).

6. You can probably live without new stationery...for now.

7. Limit eating/drinking out in some way, shape, or form.

Whether it's your everyday morning coffee, ordering delivery, or buying lunch at work, you can start by cutting out one regular habit that adds up. You could also resolve to only use the gift cards you've received in the past so you're not spending any new money.

8. Let more time elapse between between beauty treatments like hair appointments, manicures, or waxes.

Of course, the possibilities are endless, depending on what your lifestyle is.

You could stop buying video games, records, DVDs, lottery tickets, kitchen accessories, pantry staples, tea bags, underwear, socks, single-use products like wipes, or cleaning products. Maybe you want to make exceptions for things like school books or art supplies. This is an exercise in seeing if we can learn to live without, and trying to get use out of the things we already own.

Start by writing out your own rules and exceptions.

So instead of talking about the products we love, let's talk about what we're not going to buy.

Or at least take a 10-second break from the iron fist of consumerism. Add your comments about what you'd consider resolving NOT to buy, and I'll create a follow-up post including them at the end of the month.