The 36 Kinds Of People On Instagram Who Will Make You Jealous

Instagram is a magical place where everything’s a 24-hour picnic and everyone looks beguilingly happy. If you’re the envious type, these are the people who make you wish, just a little bit, that you had their lives right now.

1. The Person Who Has This View in Their Bedroom

2. The Person Who Gets to Hang Out with These Raccoon Kittens

3. Whoever Owns This Pom

See more pics of this pom here.

5. Whoever Gets to Hang Out With This Kid

What a cute nerdy little thing.

6. And This Kid.

At age 6, he already looks hipper than most hipsters.

7. People Who Are Having an Awesome Time with Their Best Friend

8. The Person Who Owns These Holographic Sneakers

Whoa, they’re from H&M??

9. Whoever Got To Eat This

10. People Who Have Successfully Pulled Off Rainbow Hair

11. And Rainbow Eyeshadow

12. People with Totally “Fabulous” Lives

Oh, look at their shiny skin and shiny hair.

13. People Who Seem to Travel to All the Cool Places in the World


14. The Asian Child Who Ate This For Lunch

15. People Who Seem Totally In Love

Aww, he still has braces.

16. The Person Who Has an 11 lb. Tub of Nutella

17. Whoever Had This Many Balloons at Their Birthday Party

18. People in the Prime of Their Youth

Oh, to be a tween again.

19. Anyone Who Gets to Own a Mini Horse as a Pet

20. People With Cute Parents

21. Whoever Is About to Eat This Cupcake

22. Whoever Has a Closet Just for Shoes

23. The Person Who Stood This Close at the Beyoncé Concert

24. The Person Who Always Seems to Have Amazing Nail Art

25. The Woman Who Hung Out with Ryan Gosling

Here’s looking at you, luckiest woman EVER!

26. The Woman Who Hung Out With Carrot Top

This is the kind of picture you post on your Facebook and you get like, a million Likes and LOLs.

27. People Who Have More Friends Than You

You’ll never be this popular!

28. The Person Doing This at the Beach While You’re Stuck at Work, Looking at Instagram

29. People Who Get Huge Bouquets of Flowers

I hate you, Jessica Alba!

30. Lauren Conrad

She lives in a very well-curated Instagram fairyland.

31. The Person Whose Bedroom Has a Galaxy Ceiling

32. People Who Own Slow Lorises

They have a lifetime of creating viral YouTube videos ahead of them.

33. The Person Who Owns This Sweatshirt

34. Any Person, Eating Any Kind of Food, If You Happen to Be Hungry

35. People Who Own Three or More Kittens

36. People Who Are Obviously Having More Fun Than You, via the Hashtags #Drunk and #Wasted

The tags on this: #drunk #nutella #bestfriend.

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