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Vote Now For The Recipes You Want To Try At Tasty's Eat Your Feed Food Fest

Tasty & First We Feast are partnering to create the Eat Your Feed Fest, a brand-new food experience where YOU get to influence what will be there. Voting is open now!

Eat Your Feed Fest is a new-to-world IRL food experience by First We Feast and Tasty where food fans will get to devour the delicious, meet their favorite culinary creators, and discover what's next in food.

Eat Your Feed Fest, debuting at Complexcon Nov 19 and 20th 2022 in Long Beach California

It's also the first food fest designed by you, the fans. Choose your favorites below, and we'll feature all the top bites at Eat Your Feed Fest!

Be sure to follow along for the deliciously unexpected @eatyourfeedfest on Instagram, and see the winners after you vote!

Catch a sneak peek of the fest in our trailer below.

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