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So, There's A Pinterest For Dudes Now

It's called You can really gather some manteresting observations regarding the male gender on a cursory persusal.

Instead of pins and hearts, Manterest uses "nails" and "bumps."

There's actually a section called "Manly Things."

They're into "manteresting" foods.

And surprisingly, they're willing to cook for themselves.

They're into manly DIY projects.

Semi-nude tattooed girls are their Ryan Gosling.

They hate cats.

This is their idea of "humor."

They're into home decor.

Especially anything that involves a secret hiding place.

They support each other with motivational quotes.

They're into fashion, as long as it serves a purpose.

There's definitely some Pinterest overlap, like GLITTER.

Engagement rings.

Lauren Conrad.

Craft storage.

They worry about getting fat.

They're romantic.

But honestly, it's hard to tell if this site is actually representative of the male gender, or if there are just the same 3 dudes populating the whole thing.