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17 Creepy Halloween Decorations That Were Spawned From Sick, Twisted Minds

"Janice, you've really stepped up your game this year!"

Before we get started, I wanted to include a disclaimer that some of these are legit scary, gross, weird, and disturbing!

So if you're easily triggered by blood or realistic-looking severed body parts, maybe do yourself a favor and KEEP OUT.

1. These butcher shop props.

2. You know, so you can make a cute, fun butcher shop scene like the one below.

3. An asylum scene straight out of American Horror Story.

4. A meat grinder.

5. Blood candles.

6. Bloody-handprint towels.

7. This collection of random body parts.

8. Some nice, fresh severed heads.

9. This demented lamp.

10. A cannibal buffet.

11. If it's actually It that gives you nightmares, here's how to repurpose that old doll you have lying around.

12. Here's how to make your own zombie doll.

13. And if you have more than one doll, this wreath makes good use of them.

14. A poltergeist pillow if you prefer ghosts to blood.

15. A child ghost.

16. A people pot pie.

17. An epic rat/corpse scene.