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17 Creepy Halloween Decorations That Were Spawned From Sick, Twisted Minds

"Janice, you've really stepped up your game this year!"

Before we get started, I wanted to include a disclaimer that some of these are legit scary, gross, weird, and disturbing!

So if you're easily triggered by blood or realistic-looking severed body parts, maybe do yourself a favor and KEEP OUT.

1. These butcher shop props.


After you see this website of realistic butcher shop props, you're definitely gonna wanna collect 'em all.

2. You know, so you can make a cute, fun butcher shop scene like the one below.

3. An asylum scene straight out of American Horror Story.

4. A meat grinder.


"2 cans of spray foam for the meat/guts and the 'grinder' is just an old coffee can with a hole cut into the side that I put an old spray paint can into. Mounted on a scrap chunk of 2x4 and then bolted onto an old 5 gallon bucket." Creative! From Hexrayspex at Halloween Forum.

5. Blood candles.


Warm, sticky candles. Find them on Etsy.

6. Bloody-handprint towels.

The Frisky / Via

Some paint or food dye should do the trick.

7. This collection of random body parts.


Some lucky chap won this lot on British eBay.

8. Some nice, fresh severed heads.

mikeasaurus / Via

Cooking class gone horribly wrong. Learn how to make it here.

9. This demented lamp.



10. A cannibal buffet.


Not for vegans!

11. If it's actually It that gives you nightmares, here's how to repurpose that old doll you have lying around.


It's $25 from Etsy.

12. Here's how to make your own zombie doll.


Watch the video for the tutorial.

13. And if you have more than one doll, this wreath makes good use of them.


The pinner who created this masterpiece says: "I created this wreath with battery operated lights. It features assorted doll parts, re-created in to the perfect horror wreath. There are 2 heads that light up. Many parts are salvaged from other creepy doll items I make."

14. A poltergeist pillow if you prefer ghosts to blood.


Haunting a pillow has got to be the comfiest ghost job there is. Get it here.

15. A child ghost.

The Frisky / Via

Just some redecorating, you know, to spruce the place up! White spray paint and a toddler-sized mannequin will get the job done.

16. A people pot pie.


See how it's done here.

17. An epic rat/corpse scene.


One hundred percent guaranteed to get you kicked out of the neighborhood association.

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