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    19 Quintessential Summer Photos

    You're already nostalgic. Sigh.

    1. That time you watched a movie outside, even though it was the fifth time you'd seen it, and it felt so comforting and familiar.

    2. That first time you stuck your foot in the water and it was freezing, but you went in anyway.

    3. That dusky blue light that happens around 8:37pm.

    4. That time you slept under the stars.

    5. That family vacation where everyone was annoying and now suddenly you miss them.

    6. That time you went on the same water slide ten times in a row.

    7. The way music sounds so much better when you're driving with the windows rolled down.

    8. That time you took your shoes off so you could walk barefoot through the grass.

    9. That time it stayed light out until almost 10 P.M.

    10. That time you drank wine in the park and watched the sun set.

    11. That time you ate too much ice cream because you couldn't decide which flavor to pick.

    12. That time the warmth from the sun was just enough.

    13. That time the warmth from the campfire was just enough.

    jennifer judd-mcgee / Getty

    14. That hopeful feeling of packing your car before embarking on a road trip.

    15. That time you spent the entire day doing absolutely NOTHING.

    16. That time you swore that the watermelon was the sweetest thing you'd ever tasted.

    Jessica Williams / Getty

    17. That time you watched the sun rise from the inside of a tent.

    18. That first day after school let out.

    19. Stay cool, see you next summer!

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