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    Here's A Cool New "Game" To Play That Will Keep You Occupied For The Next Five Minutes

    Watch and try for yourself.

    As we waste away in quarantine, the months and weeks get longer, every day blurs into the next.


    We're all just looking for the next mundane step in our lives. Maybe you're waiting to buy turnips on Sunday in Animal Crossing, or for the next cookbook author drama to blow up on Twitter.

    I'm excited to bring you that next mundane step in your quarantine activities schedule. It doesn't require buying flour, yeast, a DIY hobby kit, or complicated YouTube instructions. You just need some old-fashioned pen and paper. Watch the below video:

    Grab a friend/lover/family member, two pieces of paper, two markers. Just don't use a Sharpie that could bleed through onto someone's pristine white shirt, i guess.

    One person stands against a wall, while the other draws on that person's back.

    The person drawing on the back starts drawing, stroke by stroke on the paper. The person leaning against the wall tries to mimic what they think is being drawn on them.

    Twitter: @engineeringvids

    Hijinks ensue.

    It's a psychological/cognitive test that will wake up your sense of human connection.

    We desperately need this in our lives right now.

    If you're lucky, you'll also end up with a cool piece of art.

    Responders on Twitter claim that this isn't anything new, that it was a game we always played in middle school.

    @engineeringvids This has been going on for at least 25 years because I did it 25 years ago in school

    Meanwhile, most of us probably don't care about how "innovative" the game is, we're just curious to try it out for ourselves.

    My boyfriend and I tried it and it turned out like this.

    Peggy Wang / BuzzFeed

    We got a kick out of how similar yet different they are.