33 Beautiful Things You Can Make With Food Coloring

For Easter — or any regular old day that needs brightening up — here are some ideas that are practically too pretty to eat.

1. Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Serve at your David Lynch themed party. Get the instructions here.

2. Polka-Dot Cake

Get the instructions here.

3. Pastel Deviled Eggs

Get the recipe here.

4. “Soft Boiled” Easter Egg Cakes

You’ll need to perfect your egg-blowing skills to make these. The batter is colored with pureéd berries. Get the instructions here.

5. Gilded Glitter Sugar Cookies

Edible glitter FTW. Get the details here.

6. Rainbow Popsicles

You’ll need a Zoku to make these.

7. Rainbow Bread

Get the directions here.

8. Ombre Skewers

Pair these up with some peep kabobs for Easter.

10. Frozen Yogurt Dots

Get the instructions here.

11. Pastel Meringue Bird Nests

Get the recipe here.

12. Hot Pink Texas Peanut Patties

Get the directions here.

13. Funny Marshmallow People

A fun afternoon thing to do with the kids. Get the recipe here.

14. Stamped Marshmallows

There’s a world of artful possibility when you consider rubber stamps and food coloring. Directions here.

15. Stamped Fondant Cookies

You can use a similar technique with fondant cookies. Get the instructions here.

16. Pantone Easter Eggs

Made with food coloring and ink jet temporary tattoo paper (yes, it’s a thing). Get the directions here.

17. Lavender French Macarons

Get the directions here.

18. Oreos Dipped in Colored Chocolate

This site has gorgeous ideas for throwing a summer rainbow party.

19. Rainy Day Cupcakes

Get the directions here.

20. Polka Dot Cheesecake Brownies

Switch the colors up to fit any occasion. Get the directions here.

21. Rainbow Slice and Bake Cookies

This recipe uses gel food coloring for a much more vibrant hue.

22. Vanilla Blackberry-Mascarpone Cake for Two

Get the directions here.

23. M&M Piñata Cookies

Get the directions here.

24. Pastel Peppermint Patties

Get the directions here.

25. Dip-Dyed Cupcake Liners

Get the instructions here.

26. Candy Corn Push-Up Pops

Get the directions here.

27. Speckled Egg Cookies

Get the directions here.

28. Rainbow Layered Rice Krispie Treats

Get the directions here.

29. Crispy Cereal Marshmallows

This cereal-to-marshmallow ratio looks just about right. Get the directions here.

30. Rock Candy Cupcakes

Get the instructions here.

31. Homemade Gum Drops

Get the instructions here.

32. Fruit-Dyed Layer Cake

See IAmBaker for instructions on how she got the coloring using pureed fruit.

33. Color Dipped Marshmallows

Instructions here. Just don’t think too hard about what, exactly, you’re supposed to DO with a beautiful pastel marshmallow, because that is an unsolvable mystery.

Here’s a handy guide for natural dyes:

For those who believe that artificial dyes are bad for you, get more information on how to make your own natural dyes here.

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