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    17 Practical Yet Clever Gifts That Are Anything But Lame

    Give 'em the stuff they had no idea they even needed.

    1. A *buzzy* electric toothbrush that won't break the bank and that their dentist will be very glad you bought for them.

    2. Shittens, which is really just fancy talk for mitten-like cleaning wipes any new parent would really, truly appreciate.

    3. A brown sugar saver disguised as an adorable terra cotta bear that baking fiends *might* be sad they didn't know was a thing 'til now.

    4. An iced tea tumbler so they can make their tea in a snap and then take it with them — and only have *one* thing to clean later.

    5. A wind-resistant umbrella that'll be worth hanging onto thanks to its easy-grip handle and double layer design to keep them dry.

    6. A kitchen scale with etched measurement conversions will have them scratching their head about why they didn't already buy this for themselves.

    7. A collapsible laundry tote anyone who lugs their dirty duds to the laundromat or up and down stairs is sure to greatly appreciate.

    8. A heat-resistant mat for hot hair tools so they'll be able to park their hot-as-heck curling iron without leaving a path of destruction.

    9. Poo-Pourri — they may THINK it's a gag gift but it'll turn out to be the most useful thing in a bathroom (aside from toilet paper and indoor plumbing).

    10. A tangle-taming brush any parent with a kid full of hair will love you for gifting because it can turn the post-bath chore into something possibly even pleasant?!?!

    11. A spinning makeup organizer that'll help clear their vanity and keep them organized. (But really, it's mostly for your sake.)

    12. A MakeupEraser cloth to help them take off a full face (even if they have sensitive skin!) without using tons of disposable cloths.

    13. A drawer full of clothing essentials for the person who's constantly wearing holey undershirts and/or socks. Eep.

    14. A highly rated Ninja blender can make their morning routine a cinch with its pulverizing abilities and easy-pour lid.

    15. Gorgeous measuring cups with their hook-able handles and etched measurements that won't fade in the wash.

    16. A coffee subscription delivered right to their door so they can stay deliciously caffeinated as the universe intended.

    17. And a bidet attachment could be just the thing for folks you use SO MUCH TOILET PAPER you can't believe.

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