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    21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops

    Basically MTV Cribs, Chicken Edition.

    1. Hobbit Homes

    2. Barn Style


    4. Duplex

    5. Little Red Schoolhouse

    The chickens love to congregate by the steps during recess.

    6. Railroad Style

    7. The Family Home

    8. Prefab

    For the minimalist chicken. Buy it here if you're in the United Kingdom.

    9. Rooftop Garden


    These chickens are hipper than other chickens and consume more communally grown organic mustard greens.

    11. Pottery Barn-Inspired

    The chickens enjoy tons of natural light with the built-in skylight and perch all summer long on the inviting yet casual patio furniture. See how this was built here.

    12. Anthropologie-Inspired

    For the very boho-chic poulet.

    13. Teepee Style

    These chickens are practically glamping.

    14. Loft Living

    15. Geodesic Homes

    16. Victorian Style

    17. Chapel Style

    An ideal destination for chicken weddings.

    18. New Orleans–Style Row House


    20. Enchanted Fairy-Tale Home

    21. Mobile Home

    Still bigger than your apartment.