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Olympics Hipsters Vs. Music Fest Hipsters

Who wore it best? And who got more wasted in the VIP tent?

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Denim Shirt, Black Jeans

Cute Alt Couples

Guys Who Aren't Afraid to Wear Colored Jeans

Printed Silk

Shirt That Gives Away Your Entire Musical Identity

Round Sunglasses

Hippie Headwear

American Flag Clothing

American Flag Accessories

Punky Blond Hair

Quirky Wellies

Ethnic Vest with Short Shorts

Black Leather Fringe

White Shirt, Black Bra

Dapper AltBros

Black Short-Shorts with the Pockets Hanging Out

The Pork Pie Hat

Leopard Print

Dudes in Full-On Patriotic American Regalia


Tattered Skulls

Union Jack Unitard

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